Sunday, October 26, 2008

Goodbye to Tumkins

And so it is time to say goodbye to the newest rat in our family: Tumkins. Though he is very adorable and incredibly sweet to us, he bit the heck out of Squidgie's foot last night. This will not be tolerated. Poor Squidgie - Ratsy bit the crap out of her neck when she was just a baby, now Tumkins has bitten her foot.

Thankfully Ryan stepped in last night when they were fighting (I was asleep). They've fought before but Ryan heard more of a strain and anguish in Squidgie's cries. Tumkins was banished to the naughty cage where he will remain until we find another home for him.

It saddens me a bit, because he is cute - he just isn't that nice to other rats apparently. Hopefully we can find a better place for him.

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JennPav said...

Awww, that sucks. One of my good friends in Michigan just had to get rid of her rats. She had them for years and then developed an allergy all of a sudden. Isn't that awful? Well at least tumkins will find a good home and everyone will be happy.